Boom, Red Bull prices explode ... Energy drinks prices soar after Wisynco fire

June 01, 2016
The prices of energy drinks that are distributed by Wisynco have skyrocked since a massive fire at one of its warehouses last week.

Boom, Red Bull prices explode

... Energy drinks prices soar after Wisynco fire

Consumers are now feeling the heat of the wicked fire that destroyed the Wisynco distribution centre in Lakes Pen, St Catherine, last week as they are being hit with price increases in the order of 50 per cent for some products.

Investigations undertaken by THE STAR have revealed massive rise in the price of energy drinks such as Boom and Red Bull.

A small Boom energy drink is now being retailed for between $150 and $200, up from the regular price of $100.

Additionally, a Red Bull is being retailed in some shops for $350. The regular price is about $300.

Chairman of Wisynco Group Limited, William Mahfood, told THE STAR yesterday that he was not surprised at the increase and called on shopkeepers to keep prices in line.

"It happened before, we have nothing to sell, so until we get back into production its likely to happen. I'm not surprised, Jamaican people like to be entrepreneurial. The only thing we can do to resolve this is to make a call to the shopkeepers, through the media, to keep prices in line until we get back in production."

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) yesterday demonstrated little interest in whether consumers are being unfairly burnt as a result of the Wisynco fire.

Dorothy Campbell, ccommunications specialist at the CAC, told THE STAR that the commission does not monitor the prices of energy drinks and that they discourage the consumption of energy drinks.

"We monitor basic food items according to the official national basket. Basic food items that could sustain a family such as rice, flour etc," she said.

regular customers

But some consumers are already complaining about the prices.

"It come in like dem did glad for the fire cause every drink price raise. I can't afford Wata mi afi go back to pipe water. If dem have the goods in stock dem a hold on pon it for dem regular customers and if dem do sell you dem hike the price," a consumer lamented.

When asked about the level of increase, a shopkeeper said it was simple economics.

"It was hard to get these on the shelf. I had to drive down the whole place fi find a wholesale that had dem in stock. Some of the wholesales dem increase the price cause the demand and dem know di place burn down so dem nuh sure when next dem ago have dem," the shopkeeper said.

Among the persons hardest hit with prince increases are patrons at entertainment events such as parties and street dances.

On Saturday, a small Boom was being sold for $250 at a recent street dance. A Red Bull was being sold for $500.

"A normally $400 fi a Red Bull ... The bar probably did hard fi stock because the place bun dung," a patron said.

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