Sex party at deejay's home ends in murder - One killed, another injured during freaky event

July 26, 2016

- One killed, another injured during freaky event

A United Kingdom-based Jamaican dancehall entertainer has been forced to abandon his mansion in Surrey, England, following a murder at what was described as a 'massive pool sex party' being held there yesterday.

The posh home of Jason White, a deejay who goes by the stage name 'Spookie', has been left unoccupied after becoming a crime scene. The home, valued at PS1 million , is located in an upscale community called Headley.

The Surrey police have since arrested two people, one on suspicion of murder and the other on suspicion of assisting an offender - in connection with the murder.

A statement by Detective Superintendent Bex Smith, which was posted on the police website, said at 2:30 a.m., officers were called to a private property in Church Lane, following reports of a disturbance at the address. Police arrived and found the body of a 34-year-old man who had a gunshot wound. A 36-year-old woman is also receiving medical treatment after being shot in the leg, but her injuries are not believed to be life threatening. The police theorise the murder would have been witnessed by a number of people.

Yesterday, when our news team spoke with Summerlin Farquson, Spookie's manager, she said the artiste had to be staying at the home of a friend, while the police carry out their investigation.

Farquson said: "He is right here now, he is not being investigated. He has no connection with the murder whatsoever, he doesn't know who got shot or who shot the person. He was the host of the event. We are the only black people in the community and it's his house. We are happy they made two arrests and we can get some closure."

Farquson said she and Spookie were inside the house when they saw people banging on the door and saying shots were fired. She said no other dancehall artiste was at the party.

Online reports are that the event was advertised as 'Pool Party Part 3, My League' with tickets costing PS20, and touted as taking place at 'The Big Mansion'.


The police say investigations are continuing and are asking anyone with information to come forward. THE STAR understands that the weapon used in the shooting was a handgun, which has not yet been recovered. The police are particularly keen to speak to anyone who saw a white and black Mini motor car, which left the scene following the incident.

Spookie, originally from Tower Hill in Kingston, performed at Sting 2015 at Jamworld, St Catherine, after rounding out the year on a high, blazing the airwaves and party scenes with popular singles like Hurt It Up and Nuh Try Test.

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