DENIED STUDENT LOAN IN JA. ... Teen seeks assistance to study medicine in China

August 19, 2016

... Teen seeks assistance to study medicine in China

A quarter million dollars currently stand in the way of a bright Jamaican girl, Sashalee Beasley, being able to enroll at a university in China to pursue her dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

Beasley, 19, has been accepted into the bachelor degree of clinical medicine and surgery at the Anhui Medical University in China from 2016 to 2022.

Beasley told THE WEEKEND STAR that her pursuit to study in China came as a result of failure to secure a student loan to put her through medical school at the University of The West Indies (UWI).

"I have also been accepted to the UWI, Mona, in the Faculty of Science and Technology with a view to transfer to Med School after my first year. I applied to the Student Loan Bureau for a loan to assist me in achieving my goal, but, alas, even this has fallen short," she said.

The student is required to come up with approximately $1 million to make the trip to China and to pay for her first year of study.

She has so far received a contribution of $700,000 from Senator Noel Sloley, owner of Jamaica Tours Limited, and another $50,000 from savings and at the generosity of others.

Beasley is now short $250,000 to purchase her tickets and enroll at the university to begin studies in September.

"This is a big stepping stone, the only female child for my mother who is a single parent with three brothers. I am determined to come back and assist them in whatever way possible," she said.

As a condition of the assistance provided by Sloley, young Beasley is required to give voluntary service to the under-served and underprivileged citizens of the country when she returns home.

"I've been blessed from the day I came on this Earth. I'm not the best as it relates to finances, but my mother hasn't paid one school fee for me to attend school. I have gotten grants and scholarship. The last of which was from the Ochi Club towards my tuition at Cornwall. I am going to give back to society. My dream is to become the utmost best so that I may be able to assist other youngsters like myself whenever given the chance," Beasley told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Her mother, Virginette Dawkins, a domestic helper who earns little above the minimum wage, also spoke to our news team and said she wishes for Beasley to get help.


"I feel proud. She has ambition and the ability. As a single parent, I try my best with her and I have no problem with her. I teach her the right values," she said.

Dawkins told THE WEEKEND STAR that her daughter did not shy away from performing odd tasks in order to assist in ensuring she gets a good education.

"She was selling sweeties and kisko in high school to help herself with lunch money and transportation. For summer jobs, she would pack bags" Dawkins said.

At the CSEC level, Beasley got 10 subjects: Mathematics, English language, Information Technology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Office Administration, Food & Nutrition, and Spanish, obtaining five distinctions and five credits. She scored five passes at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Education (CAPE) Communication Studies, Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Her acceptance letter, which was perused by THE WEEKEND STAR, says Beasley would be accepted to study as a full-time student for the programme of MBBS (Bachelor Degree of Clinical Medicine and Surgery) from 2016 to 2022.

"It would have been easier for me had the university offered me a scholarship. However, they don't offer it in the first year. I would study hard and after exams, try my best to get the scholarship for the remaining years. Most Caribbean students there get scholarships," she said.

Persons who are willing and able to assist Beasley may contact her at 481-0191 or her mother at 773-9079.

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