UK deportees arrive today

September 07, 2016

More than 50 deportees, including one of who lived in the United Kingdom since age four, are scheduled to arrive in Jamaica today on the first charter flight with deportees from the UK since 2014.

THE STAR understands that many of those being deported have spent their formative years in the UK and have British families.

Flight plans are expected to continue amidst protest yesterday outside the Jamaican High Commission in southwest London to demonstrate against Jamaica's cooperation with a deportation flight.

According to, mothers, fathers and grandparents are among those due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Jamaica despite many of them having spent their entire adult lives in Britain. In some cases they are still fighting their immigration cases.

immigration enforcement

THE STAR gathered that critics have raised questions about the tactics used by Home Office immigration enforcement, which has been accused of "strategically" detaining individuals to fill the flight, without consideration of their circumstances. THE STAR also understands that it seemed that immigration enforcement was acting quickly in an effort to prevent those being removed from making legal challenges.

Our news team has learnt that most of who are being deported came to the UK as children but have failed to regularise their immigration status.

One of the Jamaican on the flight is Twane Morgan, 33, from Birmingham, a veteran of the British army who suffers from post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder after two tours of Afghanistan.

His sister, Tenisha Morgan, told reporters he was detained a fortnight ago after he went to sign on at an immigration centre. He was served with a deportation order three years ago after a conviction for grievous bodily harm.

"When he goes to Jamaica he's going to be a madman on the street. I don't want to hear that my brother is dead. He's got no one in Jamaica, totally no one." Morgan reportedly said.

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