Our prayers spared Jamaica - Al Miller

October 06, 2016
Al Miller

Popular clergyman Merrick 'Al' Miller says intense praying during an organised time of prayer on Saturday resulted in Jamaica being shielded from the wide bands of Hurricane Matthew.

Miller, a senior pastor at Fellowship Tabernacle, who was last month fined $1m for perverting the course of justice in a highly publicised case, said he prayed earnestly and specifically with these words, "Lord, contain it, restrain it and decrease its effect on us. No more than a category 1 to 2."

He made these revelations in a letter to the editor, and also called on Jamaicans to give thanks as we were spared once again. "We must be careful not to fall in the trap of taking it for granted or scoff at it, as some will," Miller said.

The man of the cloth explained that God was merciful to the nation. "As there is a relationship between spirit, soul and body, so there is between human behaviour and its impact in the physical world created by God, and which obeys His laws for operation. Evil and wickedness have a negative impact, which, when it is sustained and built up, causes atmospheric and divine disquiet that often becomes judgement on a people, or 'acts of nature', as it is referred to by many," said. "When a people repent (change their thinking and behaviour) and turn from unrighteous, negative behaviour to wholesome, positive action, there is a positive turn of events; such as the recent miraculous and inexplicable act of a hurricane bypassing an island."

The pastor said as a nation, we must realise that we are overdue for natural judgement from an act of God, because of our sustained evil and wickedness. He points to the increased murder and worsening social ills affecting the nation.




According to Miller, prayer works and it is part of God's divine system that brings divine intervention to change the natural evil courses of man's disobedience. "Our natural judgement keeps being delayed or turned away, because of the constant cries for mercy of the people of God through the power of effective prayer," Miller said, warning that there comes a time when God will no longer heed the cries for mercy but will instead allow the effect of the laws of judgement to take its natural course.

In his letter, Miller says the increased warnings of hurricane over the years are because Jamaica is getting worse rather than better. He called on the Government to deal with the injustice, oppression of the poor, the inequalities and the general indiscipline and disorder in the society.

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