$1.4M stolen from woman's bank account

October 27, 2016
Dockery gained access to the pensioner's bank account details and withdrew various quantities from the account from December 12, 2015, to October 5, 2016, amounting to $165,000.

After waiting for more than seven months, a woman whose bank account was wiped of more $1.4 million is now appealing to her financial institution to give her back the money.

Tamar Fray visited the Mandeville branch of one of the country's financial institutions on April 22 to make a withdrawal and that was when she found out that funds were missing from her account.

"I went to the bank to do a withdrawal because the [amount of] money I wanted I could not use the card," Fray told THE WEEKEND STAR.

It was then that she discovered that her account was compromised. According to Fray, she immediately reported the matter to the bank and the Mandeville police.

It's now October and Fray believes she is getting the runaround from those entrusted to safeguard her money.

"The money was taken from the ATM. The bank showed me footage of people using my card and all the places where it was used," Fray said.

When asked if her card has ever left her possession she said, "My ATM card is always with me."

Efforts by our news team to speak with a representative at the bank proved futile.

When our news team contacted the Mandeville police, the investigating officer confirmed that an official report was made and investigations are ongoing.

Local banks have said that skimming of both debit and credit cards is on the rise as information stored on the magnetic tape at the back of cards is lifted using an electronic device known as a skimmer. Once collected, the information is often used to clone cards, providing access to withdraw money from accounts or make purchases.

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