Police host food jamboree to help ailing colleagues

October 28, 2016

Colleagues of a policeman who is in need of a kidney transplant and a now paralysed ex-member have formed a special committee seeking to raise well-needed funds to assist with the two men's medical expenses and treatment.

Police personnel attached to the narcotics division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are hosting a Food Jamboree and Dance in support of out of service members who have served diligently alongside them.

Deputy Superintendent Everold Spencer, Inspector Arlene Palmer, Inspector Sheldon Coulson, Inspector Lecia Madden, Detective Woman Corporal Melecia Hewitt and District Constable Nordia Henry are spearheading the initiative.

It is estimated that it would cost some US$200,000 for a kidney transplant for Constable Cordell Cockings.

Cockings is currently undergoing dialysis at a cost of $10,500 per session required three times per week.

"He is only doing two times per week because of financial constraints. He has gone 10, but it should be 20, so we have to try fill the gap in terms of finding some money to ensure that he continues the treatment," DSP Spencer told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Ex-policeman Prince Cocks is the other beneficiary of the event.

Cocks is now paralysed following a motor vehicle accident which occurred in 2011, rendering him unable to work.

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that on the day in question, Cocks was on his way to work, and while travelling in a robot taxi, it met in an accident and he suffered spinal injures and is unable to walk and is also speech impaired.

"For quite a few months, there were some administrative issues and his salary was stopped. He is currently not in receipt of any income as far as I know, so you can just imagine. His mother was employed, she no longer works. She puts her time and energy to care for him. It pains my heart," said DSP Spencer.

The event will be held on Friday November 4 at the Police Officers Club at 34 Hope Road, Kingston 10, serving at 11am (7pm party time). Tickets cost $1,000.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that in support of this initiative, the Stone Love sound system will provide musical selections at the event free of cost.

The lawmen are banking on the support of the general public to meet its objective for a worthy cause.

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