Family of slain McKenzie brothers distraught - says killer was not a relative but someone they offered shelter

December 19, 2016
Desmond McKenzie,67, was chopped to death in Pennants, Clarendon last Thursday.
Cecil McKenzie,60, was chopped to death in Pennants, Clarendon last Thursday.

Family members of two brothers who met their demise last Thursday in Clarendon during a chopping incident involving a family-friend-turn-foe says there is no Christmas on the cards this year.

The deceased who have since been identified as 67-year-old farmer Desmond McKenzie, and 60-year-old mechanic Cecil McKenzie are from Pennants in Clarendon.

Their older sister, Violet McKenzie-Leiba, who spoke to our news team from overseas, said the man who killed her brothers is not a relative.

"He has been living there at the home with them for a while. And just to make it clear, he is not a relative of ours. We don't know his relative, his mother, his father. He is just a guy who came on there. He came on there with one of my nephews. By coming and coming, we got to know him and so he stayed there," McKenzie-Leiba said.


Defend Himself


Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, head of the Clarendon Police Division, told THE STAR that the man who killed the McKenzies claimed that he was attacked by four men and that he used a machete to defend himself.

"They attacked the person who retaliated by defending himself by inflicting wounds on the deceased. The injuries are on him. Spent shells have been recovered from the scene, the gun is outstanding, however, the police were told of the man who left the scene with the gun. The motor car that was rented is also in our possession."

But even as the police continue their investigations, McKenzie-Leiba and her niece, Stacy Treasure are baffled as to how a man who ate from the family pot could repay them in such a manner.

"It's a terrible Christmas. They are both my younger brothers one follows me and the other follows that one. They are everything to me, and going down not seeing them, I don't know how am going to deal with that," McKenzie-Leiba said.

McKenzie-Leiba told THE STAR that the family wanted to rent the house following the passing of their mother, and, as such, asked the accused man to vacate the premises following a series of altercation with the brothers.

THE STAR was told that on separate occasions tensions arose over picking breadfruit and coconut.

"We called him Bam. I said 'Bam, since you not getting along with anybody in the house, it was time for you to go'. I thought he was looking somewhere to go, but he didn't want to leave," McKenzie-Leiba said.


Disrespected Him


"I could talk to him but the brothers, him never want them to say anything to him. He said the brothers disrespected him by calling him out of his bed asking him when he was going to leave. So he resented anybody asking him to leave."

Stacy Treasure, Cecil's daughter, also told our news team she was saddened by her father's death.

"We trying to cope. Two (deaths) one time it hard. It's very devastating. It's the way they died, it's the way he did it. It basically boils down to, he needs to leave the premises, he didn't want to leave and him leaving him tek two lives with him," Treasure, one of Cecil's 13 children said.

She told THE STAR that her father's youngest child, a two-year-old, was in the vehicle at the time when the incident occurred, adding that her father would not have left the baby in the car to attack anyone.

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