Two years without a home - Man living on sidewalk seeks job

December 20, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Carlos Murray is hopeful that he will find a job as a truck driver.
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Carlos Murray is a picture of sadness as he sits on his pieces of cardboard.

Two years without a home ...

Man living on sidewalk seeks job

Although he has been homeless for over two years and living out of a cardboard box on the streets of downtown Kingston, Carlos Murray still has very high hopes of being re-employed as a truck driver.

With the beam that the Christmas holidays brings, Murray, 62, is hoping that through luck and his remaining optimistic, a prosperous light will shine on him as he heads into the new year.

"Mi family pass off and I don't have anybody to help me. Mi haffi turn to the streets," he told THE STAR.

A cardboard box to separate him from the cold concrete, his travel bag containing extra garments, and with his documents wrapped in a plastic bag for safekeeping, depict the grim state of affairs for Murray.

While showing a driver's licence bearing his name and image, Murray stressed that he is a good truck driver who can operate front-end loaders and other heavy-duty equipment.

"Mi master the truck good. I love to drive, can use a forklift or front-end loader. Mi go check, but mi can't get any work," Murray said.

Murray explained that he has tried on numerous occasions to get assistance from family members, including his children, but they were not able to assist.

send money

"Most of dem (children) deh a farin and they know. Mi daughter deh a England, but she nah work right now still, so she can't help. I did ask her to send money. I wanted to use the money fi go look a work, a truck fi drive or something inna the country," he said.

Reminiscing on he past life as a truck driver, Murray explained that he was gainfully employed until he was hit by hard times.

"I got a big job as a truck driver. Mi never sign no contract with dem. Is a freezone mi did build out a Yallahs and a sewage disposal place down a Montego Bay. After that, the work shut down, but if me did sign a contract with dem now mi coulda get some money from dem and help mi back up, cause a dem tek mi out of a work and now mi nuh have no work," he said.

While he shows signs of optimism, Murray says there are times when he gets extremely frustrated.

kind heart

"It frustrate me. God know, mi reach the stage, is like me nuh care no more. If anything happen to me right now on the streets, mi nuh care cause me can't get a job. Mi help whole heap a people and when me want help mi can't get no help. A just so my life go," he said.

"Christmas a come right now, so mi just a hope mi would get a work. I hope somebody could get a work fi mi and come fi mi, enuh. All mi want a some assistance," he added.

Murray told THE STAR that even though he is in his present state, he still has a kind heart to persons living under similar circumstances.

"I share, especially with the bredda on crutches. If me get food, me share with him. The gentleman over there so, a him charge mi phone so people can call me. Mi appreciate anything, I am a hard-working man," he said.

Persons wishing to assist Murray, may contact him at 544-5913.

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