Business operators urged to properly dispose garbage


January 05, 2017
Mayor of Port Antonio, Councillor Paul Thompson (left), listens while senior compliance officer with the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Phillip Morgan, makes a point during a tour of businesses in the town in January.

Executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Audley Gordon is encouraging business operators in Port Antonio to dispose of their garbage appropriately or they will be ticketed for littering.

Gordon, who was addressing a town hall meeting at the Portland Municipal Corporation yesterday, said the "root" of the garbage pile-up in the parish capital is commercial waste.

"The business community has a responsibility to ensure that the garbage generated by their enterprises is managed in a way that does not create a health nuisance or affect the aesthetics of the area," he said.

He emphasised that while the NSWMA is late at times in collecting residential waste, which should not happen, it has no obligation to remove commercial garbage.

He added that under the law, this type of waste must be taken to approved disposal sites at the expense of the business owners.

Gordon told the meeting that there are several disposal companies that they can engage to remove their garbage, as a clean environment can help to attract new businesses.

He said the agency's enforcement team will be watching for the violators, and they will not hesitate to issue tickets.

Earlier yesterday, teams from the NSWMA and the municipal corporation visited several businesses in the town centre, and encouraged the owners to comply with garbage-disposal rules.

Several of the business operators used the occasion to contract the NSWMA to remove their garbage.

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