Opposition condemns JP's killing


January 05, 2017
File Golding

Opposition condemns JP's killing

Senator Mark Golding, the opposition's spokesperson on justice and governance, has expressed shock and sadness at the murder of St Ann justice of the peace, Colin Corrodus.

"Justices of the Peace play a critical role in Jamaica's justice system. The services they provide the public includes the authentication of important documents, monitoring conditions in lock-ups across the country, and adjudicating cases in the Petty Sessions Courts," he said.

"The slaying of Mr. Corrodus at his home is therefore a particularly heinous attack on the rule of law in our country, and an ominous beginning for the new year."

Golding extended condolences on behalf of the opposition to Corrodus' widow, other family members and friends of the deceased.

"He served his country nobly and well, and all well-thinking Jamaicans share your grief at this difficult time," Golding said.

Golding said violent crime continues to plague Jamaica with no sign of abating.

"The situation has been allowed to get out of control, and is now threatening to set back the hard-won gains of the last four years," he said.

Golding said Jamaica cannot achieve prosperity in the midst of mayhem.

"It is incumbent on the Government to awake from its slumber and implement effective measures, consistent with the constitutional rights of our people, to deal with this crisis," he said.

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