Magnus signing off : 'It is going to be lonely mornings for me'

March 27, 2017
Rosemarie Thompson- Collins
Thompson- Collins with the radio she started listening to Allan on. It is about 40 years old.

NEWPORT, Manchester:

For Rosemarie Thompson- Collins, Alan Magnus, the man with the silky smooth voice, is simply more than a broadcaster. He is her 'husband', her source of good company, and even her clock.

For over 30 years, Thompson-Collins fell into the routine of getting ready in the mornings to the sounds of Alan Magnus on the radio.

"Mama could not afford a watch for all of us as kids and so I used Alan as my timer. When he made the announcements, 'It's now 6:15 or 6:30, its now time for Starscope ... It's now five minutes to seven, which was the time for 'Music in the love spot', I can never forget that ... . Then the 7 o'clock news. I knew I had about 60 minutes to go before I leave for school ..."

But even with the time announcements, Thompson- Collins would still be late for school as she found it hard to leave before the programme ended.




"I remember once when I got to school late after listening Alan and we were punished. ... I got about 10 slaps in the hand and I was asked why I was so late by the principal, I told him I was listening to the time Alan was giving ... The principal gave me another beating, saying that was not true because Alan never missed the time."

Her enthusiasm could not be hidden as she recounted the years she spent listening this man.

"There is something about Alan. He would be there asking questions and me inna di house an answer. He has a way to connect with his audience like no one else could," she said.

Thompson-Collins told THE STAR that it didn't matter what the veteran broadcaster was speaking about, he always had her full attention.

"Hearing that he is leaving radio feels like hearing of a co-worker leaving or a friend migrating. It is going to be lonely mornings for me ... You may be there with your husband, but Alan has a special spot in your heart," she said.

"Me say di man have a voice, I don't think anybody inna this world has a voice like him, no one can replace him."

Thompson-Collins is hoping that even in retirement, Magnus will still do occasional broadcasts.

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