I want my millions - woman demands compensation for shattered leg

April 20, 2017
Kadian McGeachy shows her scars.

When she was just six years old, Kadian McGeachy was shot in her leg by a Jamaica Defence Force officer.

She was finally awarded nearly J$14 million in 2015, some 18 years after the ordeal. But she is yet to receive a dollar from the State.

Still reeling from the physical and psychological scars, the 26-year-old Kingston resident is imploring the State to pay up for all she has endured.

"When I was in school, people teased me a lot. Them call me Oney British, Short Foot, Handicap and those things. Sometimes me cry, but since me big, that no bother me anymore because me know me neva born so," McGeachy said.

Today, she tries to hide the scars with long clothing to avoid the awkward stares and mean comments, but she cannot hide the limp, due to her short, partially mobile leg.


Soldiers' objection


McGeachy told THE STAR that she remembers everything that transpired on October 31, 1997 at about 7 p.m., in Denham Town.

"Me and my cousin were walking on Nelson Street. We saw a jeep coming up the street with three soldiers and one police. Them jump and say them see man a run and them just start fire pure wild shots and me get shot," McGeachy shared.

McGeachy said a woman came to her aid, despite the soldiers' objections, and begged a taxi driver to take her to hospital.

Doctors told McGeachy's mother, Sherene Guy, to sign the papers so they could amputate her shattered leg as there was no bone left.

But Guy couldn't bring herself to do it. Doctors later said they would try to save the leg but it would be a lengthy and costly procedure.

Guy said she gave up her livelihood of selling downtown, and spent her last dollar to care for her child.

She also reached out to her political representatives, including then Member of Parliament, Edward Seaga, who assisted to an extent.

McGeachy was admitted in the hospital for 18 months in the first instance, then underwent nine surgeries, the last when she was 14, all while infections and painful swellings.


Knee replacement


The matter went to the courts in 2003, and on November 12, 2015, they were awarded $13,980,265.49 with interest each year it is not paid.

Their lawyers have written multiple letters to the offices of the Attorney General and the Solicitor General, but to no avail.

McGeachy said she desperately needs the money, as doctors have recommended knee replacement surgery to prevent further complications, which is to be done overseas at an estimated cost of $US6,000 (over J$7.6 million).

"Them can't find money to compensate the people that the military have injured, but them find money fi travel and all kind of things. I want my own now," McGeachy demanded.

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