Normality returning to Hanover - but lawmen not getting complacent

August 08, 2017
DSP Sharon Beeput

With two of the parish's most feared gangsters now dead and no murders in over a month, Deputy Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput, the commanding officer for the Hanover Police Division, said normality is gradually returning to the western parish.

Within the past two months, top gangsters Shenarda 'Blacks' Leslie and Sadan 'Saddam' Mullings, who were implicated in 15 and 20 murders, respectively, were killed in separate confrontations with the police.

"This is good news for the police and the residents of Hanover, as these two men were the ones primarily driving up the murder toll in the parish," said Beeput. "We can now begin to work on social intervention measures to restore complete normality to those communities that were being plagued by gun violence."

When Beeput took over as the commanding officer just over three months ago, the parish was bleeding badly with over 30 murders since the start of the year. However, with Leslie and Mullings neutralised, the parish is now at its most peaceful since the start of the year.

"We know that there are other gangsters out there, but with Leslie and Mullings out of the way, we believe we are on track to making Hanover a very safe parish once again," stated Beeput. "We now have several gangsters in custody and we have seized a number of guns."

Leslie, who the police said was the main enforcer for the notorious One Voice gang, was wanted for one quadruple murder, two double murders and a string of single murders at the time he was killed in a gunfight with the police in the Green Island community.

"Our next big target is Glenford 'Eye' Roach, who is another of the notorious gangsters operating in this parish," said Beeput. "We are urging him to turn himself in to the police and not to follow those who had chosen to confront the police and are no longer with us."

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