Man threatens to commit murder in court

August 21, 2017

An accused man had to be cuffed and whisked out of a courtroom at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday after he became disorderly and started threatening to commit murder when he learned that he would be remanded until October for sentencing.

Fifty-eight-year-old Dean Nevers, who pleaded guilty to breaking into a lawyer's officer and stealing office supplies, appeared in court to hear if his psychiatric report was ready so that the judge could hand down an appropriate sentence.

When the matter was being heard, Nevers kept reassuring the judge that he was taking his medications and sticking to his daily routine.

"Me take me medication three times a day. Me wake up every morning and wash me penis like me father teach me, and me push me cart morning and evening," Nevers, who is a patient at the Bellevue Hospital, told Presiding Judge Chester Crooks.


Psychiatric evaluation


However, when Crooks explained that he would have to remand him until October in order to allow for the psychiatric evaluation to be supplied to the court, Nevers would have none of it.

"October! That too long!" he uttered from the docks as he began to rile up.

Crooks immediately ordered, "Take him out now!"

But before the cops could cuff Nevers and remove him from the room, he started shouting, "Me get so much chop all across Jamaica! Me haffi go start murder! Murder! Me haffi go start murder!"

The matter is to be brought up again on October 27 when the psychiatric evaluation is expected to be ready.


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