Greedy robber caught ... said he stole too much

October 07, 2017

... said he stole too much

Two men who were brought before the Corporate Area Criminal Court yesterday for a case involving stolen property turned on each other in a bid to have the other shoulder the blame.

Osborne Parchment, 29, a former convict, was charged with housebreaking and larceny, while 19-year-old Oshane 'Dummy' Myers was charged with receiving stolen property.

Parchment pleaded guilty with explanation, while Myers admitted guilt for purchasing a stolen fan from Parchment for $1,000.

Goods stashed in four barrels totalling $250,000 were reportedly stolen from the house in question.

The complainant told the court, "Your Honour, Parchment say he going to plea guilty in court, get a year or two and come back out and enjoy all he stole from me."

When the police accosted Parchment with some of the items, he said "It was a house invasion and me neva know mi woulda go station."


Parish judge Chester Crooks said Parchment's response was a bit odd and cited that the accused may need to be evaluated.

But Parchment said "Your Honour, him (the complainant) stole things from me and me stole back things from him, but what me take is too much."

Myers said he was at home when Parchment brought a fan for him to buy.

"I ask him how much him a sell mi for and him say a grand. I did not break into any house. A him (Parchment) bruck inna the house and thief the things," he said.

The stolen items include a DVD player, cell phones and household items.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks asked Myers if he had been before the court on any other charge and before he could answer for himself, Parchment yelled, "Yes, your Honour. Him get charge fi rape me likkle cousin already."

"The courtroom erupted in laughter before the judge silenced Parchment for his utterance.

When Myers finally got to respond, he said "A lie him a tell, me neva get charge fi dat."

Myers was sentenced to six months' imprisonment suspended for three years and a fingerprint order made.

Parchment was remanded in custody for sentencing on November 22. The court requested a social enquiry report and his criminal record. A psychiatric evaluation was also recommended.

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