Sucking words lands man in hot water

November 06, 2017

A man who used an iron stool to hit his female co-worker, who angered him by shouting oral sex instructions at him, was fined when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

The man, Anthony Wright., who has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property, told the court that his co-worker went too far in their verbal spat.

The court heard that on May 9, the two had an argument, which escalated to a fight at the car wash where they work in Kingston.

Wright told the court that he used the stool to hit the woman after she ran him down with a knife.

"Mi tell her 'bout her mother and she tell mi back, but she add to it' bout mi must s*@k her out. She approach me with a knife and me use the stool to push her and me run off. She a run mi down and drop over the machine we use to wash the car and her glasses break," Wright said.

He pleaded guilty to assault and told the court he was not guilty of destroying the woman's glasses.

Wright was fined $30,000 or six months' imprisonment.

He begged for time to pay the fine, saying he has not received payment in three months. Parish Judge Chester Crooks gave him three months to pay the fine.

Wright is to return on January 11, next year, to answer to the malicious destruction of property charge.

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