Woman killed at daughter's gravedigging - Brother arrested in relation to sister’s murder

November 13, 2017

Investigators in St James are probing the murder of a woman who was shot to death on Friday while at the burial plot where her daughter, who died recently was to be laid to rest.

What was being planned as a funeral for one will now be extended to two, as relatives are left to contemplate their next move.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the brother of the deceased woman, 29-year-old Fullean Dennis, is being held in custody for the murder, which has left a family and community torn.

The incident took place in the Amity Hall area on Friday at about 1:30 p.m.

Being tight-lipped

Reports from the police are that they were summoned to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where Dennis was reportedly rushed after she was shot.

An officer close to the investigation told THE STAR, “The brother is being held in custody on suspicion. We have no facts. It is alleged that he did it. There is no motive as yet. The residents do not want to talk up. They are being tight-lipped. Nobody called the police about it. We learnt from the hospital that she was there. When we arrived she was dead as nit.”

Our news team understands that family members and friends had converged to begin digging the grave for the young girl when tragedy struck, plunging them deeper in to mourning.

The police told THE STAR, “They cleared the spot and was about to dig the grave when she was shot.”

THE STAR gathered that the brother in custody is also being investigated for the death of his sister’s daughter (his niece).

“She was killed in a car accident. He (brother in custody) was driving fast and hit down the child about two Sundays ago,” the police told our news team.

The Amity Hall police say an investigation into the murder of the woman is ongoing.

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