Credit card scammer gets stern warning

November 27, 2017

An employee who fraudulently used a customer's credit card escaped immediate imprisonment after she was sentenced to one year's probation in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

Charged with obtaining credit by fraud is 25-year-old Stephanie Ford, an employee at Home and Things.

She pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court heard that Ford used a customer's credit card and pretended that she had reversed a transaction.

When the credit card holder visited the bank, that was when she discovered that the money was used.

The court was told that Ford used just over $80,000, half of which she repaid before the court appearance.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks told the accused that the balance would have to be paid and ask her when she would reimburse the complainant.

Ford told the court said she was in a position to pay. She then took the $42,360 from her handbag, which represented the balance owing, and repaid it.

A fingerprint order was made against her.

Parish Judge Crooks told her that if she fails to stay out of trouble for the probation period, she would have to serve the sentence for this and any other offence committed.


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