Hanover cops toppling lotto scammers - praedial thieves also feeling the heat

December 12, 2017
DSP Sharon Beeput

Despite being caught up in the murderous web strangling the entire western end of the island, the leadership of the Hanover Police Division is basking in the success it has had in gaining convictions in the courts.

"We are hitting the lotto scammers and those who are involved in praedial larceny real hard," said Deputy Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput, the commanding officer for Hanover. "Within recent weeks, we have secured convictions against numerous scammers and praedial thieves."

According to Beeput, over the past two weeks, the Hanover police won seven convictions against lottery scammers in the Circuit Court, in cases where the officers did not have any outside assistance.

"We have a competent team of investigators, who are able to manage complex cases from which they are able to secure convictions," said Beeput. "As their leader, I am very proud of the level of professionalism these officers display in managing these cases."

Among the convictions secured by the Hanover investigators were the cases brought against seven men, who were all charged with possession of identity information (lottery scamming paraphernalia).

They were all fined sums ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 or prison sentences ranging from 12 to 15 months at hard labour.

In regards to the praedial larceny cases, Beeput said the praedial larceny team had a 100 per cent success rate against offenders brought before the Hanover Parish Court.




"We recently had some 16 convictions, thanks to the highly proactive approach of our praedial larceny team, which has taken on a no-nonsense stance in clamping down on offenders," said Beeput. "I am really proud of them."

Among the charges slapped against the persons implicated in the acts were carrying agricultural products without receipt, and fraudulent use of receipt books.

As a way of showing her appreciation to the hard-working officers in her division, the innovative Beeput, who recently won a national award for her services to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, will be putting on a special awards ceremony for them later this month.

"This is just my way of making them feel appreciated. Police work is tough, and I believe we should find creative ways to show appreciation to those who do well," said Beeput.

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