Old woman blames Obeah man for arrest - Drug mule says witchcraft debt led to capture

January 13, 2018

The failure to pay her obeah man resulted in Margerett Alexander's cover being blown as she attempted to smuggle ganja out of the country.

Well, that is the story she gave the judge when she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for offences related to the Dangerous Drug Act yesterday.

"Is true me owe the obeah man mek unuh find me," Alexander, 62, of a Clarendon address, said.




Alexander was charged with possession of, dealing in, taking preparatory steps to export and conspiracy to export marijuana. She pleaded guilty to all counts and will be sentenced on March 16.

The drug weighing 23 pounds was found in her luggage during her attempt to travel to Barbados.

The court was told that when she was cautioned, Alexander told the police: "Me too old fi go 'Back Road' and me need $200,000 fi surgery for my eye."

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith ordered a social enquiry report and told Alexander to give her fingerprints to the police.

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