Demons caused my son's disappearance - Trelawny man trying to find missing son

January 23, 2018
Kenroy Wright

In the midst of a man mysteriously going missing, a father is pondering if evil spirits played a hand in his son's sudden disappearance 12 days ago.

Stafford Wright, 67, told THE STAR that his son Kenroy, who he describes as a hearty guy, had two strange seizures shortly before he went missing.

Wright told THE STAR: "People seh from him faint and froth up, a must some evil tek him over. Some demon tek him over, him never have fits before. A two times him drop down."

The Wrights live in Litchfield, Trelawny, and 41-year-old Kenroy, a father of two, was reportedly last seen by his father the night before he went missing on January 11.

Stafford, a farmer, told our news team: "Him work with me the Tuesday, and then Wednesday night him call me and seh him and him girlfriend a come sleep at my house. When I look a him alone come, and I pull the door and let him in, then lock it back because it close from inside."

Wright told THE STAR that he woke the Thursday morning to see the door open and his son absent from the house.

"Mi walk out and go look for him, and same time I saw the girlfriend who ask me if I see him. I told her him come there and leave, and I don't see him. I was going to her to ask her if she see him," Stafford said.

THE STAR was told that Kenroy is 5 feet 2 inches tall, and sports cornrow hairstyle.

Our news team understands that he also has a scar to the right side of his nose.

The matter has been reported to the Wait-A-Bit Police Station.

But it's not just his son's disappearance that is now a problem. Wright said that his grandchildren are not taking the news well.

"He has one boy and one girl. My grandson works in town, but he calls daily and cry. Every time he asks if we see him," Stafford said.

THE STAR gathered that the family has printed photographs of Kenroy, and they take them to the streets asking persons if they have seen him.

"When we walk and enquire dem see the picture and somebody say they last saw him in German Town, one Sunday evening," Wright said.

The family is hoping for his safe return.

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