MoBay’s ‘Ganda’ gets royal send-off, but…

January 23, 2018
The funeral programme for Ganda is displayed after the melee.
The funeral of alleged top man in the volatile Quarry community of St James, Oshane 'Ganda' Duhaney was shot up by thugs.

Western Bureau:

Last Saturday's ill-fated funeral for Oshane 'Ganda' Duhaney, the alleged 'top man' in the volatile Quarry community in St James, will long be remembered, not because of the 'royal send-off' he got, but more so because of the violence that erupted, resulting in one man being shot dead.

"A big disrespect gwaan. How de man dem fi come fire shot a Ganda funeral? Mi vex," a man told the Western STAR, in the aftermath of the incident, which resulted in several persons being injured as they fled in panic.

"Trust mi, me too vex fe talk, yah man. Not even the state of emergency de man dem nuh respect," he added.

When the white hearse with a glass carriage arrived at the church with the body, residents gathered around to view Duhaney's body, which was quite visible inside his casket, which was predominantly constructed out of glass. He was clad in a white two-piece suit and appeared meticulously groomed.

The funeral programme, which was a hot item among mourners, had two pictures of Duhaney on the cover and a generous splash of colour photographs in the centre.

Before the melee, scores of residents, clad in white T-shirts bearing photographs of Duhaney, formed a guard of honour along the pathway leading into the church. His casket was then raised and carried into the church, allowing a clear view of his body from all positions inside the building.

Tributes subsequently flowed freely as Ganda was eulogised as a kind man, who was well loved.

"Ganda a good youth. Him mek him own luck, but him neva selfish with it. Him was a kind youth with a good heart," said a female friend of the deceased man. "Quarry lose a good youth, one of the best."

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