St Mary family grateful for new home

January 29, 2018
This is the house that was given to Charmane after the tragic accident that took her son's life little over a year ago.
Charmane Newell says moving on has been difficult, but is very grateful the new house.
The boulder that took the life of Raheem Davey in 2016.

Charmane Newell will never forget November 11, 2016, when her son was killed after a boulder fell on a dwelling in Broadgate, St Mary.

But moving into a new home that was promised by Government officials after the tragedy may help to ease the pain even a little.

Raheem Davey died on the spot while his then eight-year-old twin sisters Jhenelle and Shenelle Brown were hospitalised in the freak accident.

The children were watching television when three boulders rolled down the hillside and smashed into the structure.

One year and two months since the fatal incident, a house that was promised by government ministers Desmond McKenzie and Daryl Vaz, has been handed over.

The home was completed last November and they moved in this month. 

They have relocated Esher district in the parish and Newell, 31, said they have been more comfortable.

"We are not at the same location where we have the incident replaying in our minds," she said. "The kids were especially afraid. Even if they hear a little sound dem frighten cause me nuh know if dem think say stone ago roll down on them but otherwise from that they are ok here. They are doing their school work and ting.”

Newell told THE STAR that her family is thankful because it was “A promise made and promise kept."

"I have to give a big thank you to the ministers especially Minister Daryl Vaz and Desmond McKenzie. They have been here right through. Dem nuh lef we. From start dem say dem know dem can't replace my son but dem ago mek sure we get somewhere comfortable and dem come through,” she said.

While Newell admits she cannot rush the process, she told THE STAR that she tries her best to hold the family together even though she is still affected by Raheem's death.

“Sometime it really hard but me just try to do things to take my mind off it because honestly mi not even like remember about it even though mi can’t control it,” she said.


Newell told THE STAR that her daughters have recovered well.

Newell said, “One of my daughter was in a coma for two weeks and admitted for a month and a week at children’s (Bustamante Hospital for Children) but she come round good now and a go back a school. The other one only got a scratch on her feet and head but she was shaken up because she saw everything.”

But Newell's mother, who lives with her, was very close to Raheem and his death has taken a toll on her.

Newell said, “My mother is very sick from the incident. She has a brain tumour and a stroke to the left side of her body and can’t walk. The bond weh she and him have, his death affected her a lot. I am younger, I can more cope with it but she can’t. Sometimes I try to get her not to think about it.”

Newell used the opportunity to plead with the doctors at the Kingston Public Hospital to speedily undertake a surgery for her ailing mother.

“They keep on putting it off and can’t give a steady date when it is to be done and we really need it to be done cause honestly she is feeling a lot of pain the neck and head. She feels a lot of pain. I am begging the doctors to speed it up,” Newell said.


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