A 'hole' lot of misery - Residents fear for their homes

February 08, 2018
A close-up view of the hole at the centre of the issue.
A section of the wall of one of the residences on Texas Avenue, Westchester in Portmore, shows a sizeable crack that residents believe stems from a gaping hole on the road.
An outside view of the affected homes.

At least two residents who live on Texas Avenue in Westchester, Portmore, are worried that a major hole along the roadway in the community may cause irreparable damage to their premises.

THE STAR visited the location last week and the residents were eager to share the misery that hits them each time it rains.

Residents at Lot 11 and Lot 13 are the most affected.

The situation is troublesome for the occupants at Lot 11 as the hole hinders access to their driveway and interrupts a smooth drive into the yard.

The resident said: "It's a struggle to drive in to our home. The hole keeps expanding and it eat out another section in the yard there. We need the matter to be addressed quickly."

THE STAR was also invited into Lot 13 to examine the damage believed to have also been caused by the deteriorating hole.




"Come on in and if you look there you see the crack. When you walk along the corridor, you can hear the hollowness under your feet. The damage is also evident on the house. It is cracked inside out. One day, it rained and I saw water and I moved something I had there on the wall and that is when I saw the damage," the resident told THE STAR.

Both residents have been living at the location for more than 15 years.

Our news team was also showed a crack in the road, adjacent to the homes, that sooner or later could result in further damages.

The residents said that they've heard stories about the land beneath their home.

"People say something like a gully was once at the same location and we're clueless if that is the cause for the surface to be eating away in this manner," one resident said.

THE STAR was told that the parish council has been contacted and a representative came to look at the situation once.

However, the residents say nothing has been done and the heavy rains last year made matters worse.

Our news team was unsuccessful on several attempts to speak with Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas.

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