Estella Thelwell going strong at 107

February 20, 2018
Estella Thelwell (centre) is flanked by her first daughter, Joyce Essue (left), and a granddaughter Keneisha Plummer.
Estella Thelwell


Estella Thelwell celebrated her 107th birthday on Valentine's Day, February 14. She is convinced that it is the continued blessings from the Lord that has kept her alive."

Lots of people always ask me say how me no stay like people who in them 80s, and they ask me say how me live so long, but I just tell them say it is just blessings," hearty elder said.

"I am highly favoured by the grace of God," said Estella, who is afflicted with diabetes and the occasional joint pains.

Estella was born and raised in the hills of Burnside, Hanover. She resided there until she got married at the age of 24 to her late husband, Rodoff, and relocated to Patty Hill. The union produced 14 children.

"I am a friendly somebody and when I see a little pickney come in a yard and say them hungry, I don't like it, so I mix little sugar and give them some crackers and say, 'unno eat'. When I see them clothes tear, I take it and sew it. I want Jamaica to be kind just the same. Help others when they are in need of it," Estella said.

She said her late husband was a butcher and did everything to care for his family. He died in 1972, but Estella has fond memories of their life together.

"When my husband kill goat, the goat belly and the head is what I love to eat. I get my coco, yam, vegetables, my crackers and put them in a the pot with butter and every little thing in deh," Estella reminisced.

The centenarian boasts of being related to former prime ministers Sir Alexander Bustamante, by her father's side, and P.J. Patterson by her mother's side.

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