Four bodies found in shallow graves

February 26, 2018
In this file 2010 photo, police use yellow tape to secure a shallow grave after a body was removed.

While expressing shock at the discovery of multiple shallow graves in the area, residents in sections of Spanish Town, St Catherine, are calling on the authorities to quickly remedy the situation.

Police and military operations in sections of Spanish Town on the weekend unearthed four bodies, and investigations continue into the discovery of multiple shallow graves.

THE STAR understands that the bodies were dug up from makeshift graves and show marks of violence.

"Some a dem area undertaker ya fi gweh. Mi can't believe it," a resident said, while expressing fear.

"More time you see people a dig hole, yuh nuh even know weh it for, or who fah, if a you. Mi can't believe dem find people inna shallow grave ova ya. We need help."

One of the bodies found last Saturday has since been identified as that of 21-year-old Kemar Donaldson, who had been reported missing.




Donaldson was before the court on manslaughter charges.

According to the police, the operations began last Friday in the March Pen area of the parish, where three bodies were found on Saturday.

Our news team gathered that an operation of similar nature led a search team to the Dumbleholden area of Spanish Town, where the body of an unidentified male was discovered yesterday.

Another resident of March Pen Road told our news team that the area is in need of cleansing.

"More time people get sick and nuh know a wah wrong with yuh, can't find money fi go doctor. But dem thing ya nuh healthy fi people. Burial ground a burial ground for a reason. We a beg dem find all of the bodies weh dem dump and cleanse the place," the resident said.

The St Catherine North Police Division, in which Spanish Town is located, has recorded more than 30 murders since the start of the year.

Efforts by THE STAR to speak with the head of the division, Senior Superintendent Beau Rigabe, proved futile. Several calls to his cell phone yesterday afternoon went unanswered.


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