'Tis the season for fishermen - Big catch expected for Easter

March 29, 2018

'Tis the season for fishermen it seems. And they were all smiles when THE WEEKEND STAR visited them in Port Royal, Kingston, because their expectations are high for the Easter holiday.

According to one of the fishermen, this Easter season has seen a tremendous turnaround when compared to this time in previous years.

"There are two things about our fish dem, so long as dem don't spread any rumour say our fish dem poison, the fish dem always sell. This is the only season for fisherman. Like how Christmas a fi clothes seller, Easter a fi di man dem weh catch fish and sell fish, cause we get a bigger price dem time deh," said fisherman Rupert 'High Grade' Johnson.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that things are already been vibrant although the Easter season has only just began. He also said that he is expecting to see customers who come from far and wide to get some of the fresh catch.

"We have bucket people weh we sell fish some little people weh sell fish and feed dem family. We supply fish for everybody. Even the speed boat dem weh a go ocean, we supply dem with bait. We always have our sale cause if the boat come ya so now, people a come from all angles," Johnson told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Luckily, Johnson said the sea has been calm in recent times, so they are able to work freely.

"The sea nice and ting, the water pretty. No bad weather or anything. Dem did say a small draft deh a sea, but things good ya now. We haffi listen the news before we go out deh, enuh," he said.

He further explained that as fishermen, the moon also dictates how they go about their jobs.

"Mek me tell yuh a thing, fish come off a moon and star, and every Easter we get a full moon. When we get full moon, the fish dem go inna di deep and we hardly catch dem unless we have the net. When the moon gone in still, we have a better chance," Johnson said, while noting that most of the fishermen he hangs out with do their fishing at nights.

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