Thieves target jerk man - robbed four times in less than a year

April 06, 2018



A popular Corporate Area jerk chicken vendor says that he has been counting his losses after being robbed four times in less than a year.

John Cook*, is a broken man these days as he tells random customers of his run-ins with thugs who prey on his business.

The latest encounter took place a month ago.

He said his only sense of security is the other vendors situated close by, however with the perpetrators using deadly weapons, the unsuspecting night hustlers comply rather than lose their lives.

Cook told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Dem mash me up enuh. Four times in less than a year dem tear me down. Same place ya suh dem come and rob me. Dem just park the car right beside the pan and come out like dem a order and hold me up."

He has been a staple along the widely used roadway for several years and customers can count on him being there in the wee hours of the morning.

The brazenness of the culprits is even more frightening since a police station is just metres away.

The St Andrew North police have confirmed reports of the latest robbery and several policemen who spoke to our news team condemned the incidents.

A senior officer told THE WEEKEND STAR, "The matter has been reported. The amount of times however, I am not privy right now to say definitely. The incident is being investigated."

Cook said the robberies have cost him thousands.

"It's a setback. I don't know what I am going to do. Each time I start over then it happens again", he said.

A customer told THE WEEKEND STAR, "People too wicked. How dem fi rob jerky. Di man deh pan him foot late at nights a earn him honest bread and dem just watch out him ting and a rob him. Weh dem want the man fi do, stop and nuh have nothing? Police soon catch up with them."

*name changed

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