Wah ZOSO for? - Denham Town residents question relevance of security forces

April 21, 2018


Residents in Denham Town, where the country's second Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) is in its building phase, say they are concerned at the level of crime currently plaguing the community and are questioning the relevance of security forces.

The community has seen a spate of murders and shootings over the past two weeks, including a double murder on Wednesday.

Wednesday's victims are 58-year-old higgler Jennifer Bruce and 20-year-old Taj 'Fret Dem' Gordon, both of Golden Heights, Kingston 14 addresses.

A resident who spoke to our news team said, "Dem need fi take a good look inna West Kingston cause a bare foolishness a gwan. Prime minister Holness need fi step in. Wah ZOSO for? Dem deh ya and people still a dead. Just look how much people dead or get shot from dem pull down the ZOSO."




Police reports are that on Wednesday approximately 6:20 p.m., Gordon was among a group of men playing football when a motor car drove up and men armed with handguns alighted and opened fire at them.

Gordon and Bruce succumbed to their injuries and two others who received gunshot wounds were admitted in stable condition.

Another resident told THE STAR, "Everyday if a man nuh dead, somebody get shot. From a man run in a sure bloodshed. Nuff a di ting dem weh a happen nuh report pon news enuh. It come een like the place worse than before ZOSO come ya."

According to the residents a man was shot in his head on Bread Lane on Thursday.

Zone liaison officer, Inspector Dian Bartley, told our news team that the current building phase of ZOSO has resulted in a scale back in the intensity of policing since they are no longer in the operational stage.

To this effect, the police say they will be refocusing their efforts to bring an end to the bloodshed.

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