War forces mom to homeschool daughter

July 17, 2018
Police process the scene after a shooting on Oliver Road, Kingston, recently.

In light of the ongoing tension currently plaguing the Mountain View to Rockfort space, at least one mother has decided to forego sending her daughter to summer school this year. Instead, she will be teaching her from home.

"My daughter nah go no summer school. Mi haffi gwaan stay home and teach her. Dem boy deh serious when dem say dem a do things. This is the third threat made and carried out. Dem say after World Cup a bare things, and so said, so done. Three hours shot a beat (on Sunday)," mother of two, Jane Brown, said.

During a drive through the Jarrett Lane community yesterday, very few people were seen outside.

A few of the residents who spoke to our news team said that they were being unfairly pointed out as the persons responsible for the latest uproar.

"Is rumours dem spreading. Nothing nah gwaan a Jarrett Lane, enuh, a over deh so. Oliver Road di shot dem a fire yesterday (Sunday). During World Cup di place did calm, and dem send threat say dem a go kick off back the war after the World Cup done," one resident told THE STAR.

Reports are that after the France vs Croatia match, gunfire began and lasted for hours.

"Bout a hour and half after the match a crazy knocking, and up to three hours after we stand up ya so a wonder wah gwaan," another resident said.

A male resident, who was also on hand, told THE STAR that the ongoing conflict has been going on for close to two years.




"Dem bury fi dem dead weh day, so mi know we were to expect this. Is a simple case of two bull inna one pen, and none nuh want fi come out. Di young yute dem say a fi dem time and dem nah tek no chat," he said.

Yesterday, while our news team was in the community both the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and the police were on the ground doing investigations.

Detective Inspector Kevin Johnson of the East Kingston Police Division told our news team that he would be visiting the troubled spaces and the police would increase their presence.

THE STAR was also told that a police constable was shot and injured during confrontation with gunmen.


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