Couples Negril hosting farmers' market


September 04, 2018
A monthly farmers' market is now in Negril.

Cash crops farmers are being provided with direct market access for vegetables and staples through the Couples Negril Hotel Environment Department Monthly Farmers' Market.

The farmers', market sees more than 50 farmers gathering along a section of the Norman Manley Boulevard to ply their wares.

"This is the 10th month since we have been hosting the farmers' market here, and it's really, been a growing venture. We started very small and today, most of the farmers would have sold off all their produce by about noon," said Paul G. Thompson, environment manager at Couples Negril.

"It's an event that people look forward to and serves as a place where they are able to get fresh vegetables and other ground provisions at market gates prices," Thompson said.

"This event is held on the last Friday of each month, and we see where it is beneficial to both staff of several hotel properties as well as the farmers themselves," Thompson told the WESTERN STAR.

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