Grandmother slashed during fight


September 04, 2018

A St James man, who allegedly slashed his stepson's grandmother with a knife during a fight with another man, is to attend mediation and restorative justice sessions before his case returns to the St James Parish Court on October 10.

Terrence Mills, who is charged with unlawful wounding, was given the new court date and had his bail extended when he appeared before presiding judge Natalie Creary-Dixon last Wednesday.

Allegations are that on June 27, Mills was attending the graduation of his girlfriend's son at a basic school.

While there, he got into an argument with the complainant's son, who was also reported to have been in a relationship with Mills' girlfriend.

Mills then drew a ratchet knife and stabbed at the complainant's son. The complainant intervened and the knife caught her on her left side, causing a wound.

In court, Mills told Creary-Dixon that he was defending himself from the complainant's son at the time the complainant was injured.

"Her son attacked me and I was defending myself and she came between us," said Mills.

Creary-Dixon subsequently ordered that Mills and the complainant should attend mediation and restorative justice sessions to try and resolve the matter.

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