Security guard, customers fight in KFC outlet

September 04, 2018

For the second time in nearly two weeks, Restaurants of Jamaica has been forced to do damage control following another brawl in one of their KFC locations over the weekend.

In this episode, customers had to scamper to safety as a security guard faced off with a few male customers.

A pile of broken glass could be seen on the floor as the security guard floored one of the men with a chair.

As a woman assisted the man and hastily pushed him outside, the guard dropped the chair and got into a fist fight with another man who was also sent flying to the floor by one of the security guard's blows.

In a statement issued to THE STAR yesterday, Restaurants of Jamaica described the incident that occurred last Saturday as unfortunate while adding that it is currently being investigated by the relevant parties.

"As always, our primary focus continues to be the safety and security of our customers and team members," the statement read.




Approximately two weeks ago, two female staff were recorded fighting in full view of its customers.

As both videos continue to make rounds on social media, persons are blasting those involved in the brawls for tarnishing the company's brand.

"Some a dem people ya don't know how hard it is to build a brand as big as KFC. 'The Colonel' (Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC) supposed to turn inna him grave. Jamaicans can be so disgraceful at times," one person commented.

There were others who made fun of the situation with one user even suggesting that hunger was to be blamed for the uproar.

It is uncertain what caused the brawl and where in Jamaica it took place but at least five social media users implored Restaurants of Jamaica to provide courses in customer service for the staff.

"It look like KFC need a state of emergency but on a serious note, there needs to be some form of intervention as it relates to resolving disputes and dealing with customers. If this isn't done, the brand is going to loose customers and no one will trod into a battlefield just for fried chicken," another user said.

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