This a wickedness! - Passengers, motorists fume as Three Miles closure causes pile-up

September 11, 2018
Motorists wait patiently in the traffic Waltham Park Road, St Andrew, earlier this month.

Four hours! That's the approximate travel time it took motorists to get to downtown Kingston from Pembroke Hall yesterday as the effect of the Three Miles closure to facilitate roadwork was instantly felt.

A ride that usually takes an estimated 45 minutes was frustrating for motorists and passengers alike as the traffic moved at a snail's pace.

It was a literal deadlock from Washington Boulevard to Waltham Park Road as persons who left their homes at 8:30 a.m. did not get to their final destination until after noon.

Passengers on a number 30 JUTC bus openly voiced their anger at the traffic pile-up, saying that the traffic diversions outlined by the Government to avoid the Three Miles area were too much.

"No, man! Is like me do Andrew Holness and him government supmn because this a pure wickedness," a woman who identified herself as Maxine said. "Him need fi come take a ride pan one a dem bus yah because me nuh think dem realise the foolishness weh dem do."

Another woman who called herself TC, said that she had anticipated the traffic and left her house earlier than usual, but she said that it was all in vain because she was still late for work.




"All me breakfast me run leave because me a try beat the traffic. Right now, better me did bring one stove cuz me woulda share and eat. A plate a food would do me good inna dis yah traffic yah," she said.

Things were so bad that whenever the bus did move a little distance, there were loud cheers and rousing applause from the passengers.

Frustrated at the thought of having to deal with the four-hour ride every morning for the next eight months, passengers urged the Government to reconsider diverting the traffic elsewhere to ease the pressure.

"Dem must can find some other routes. All the traffic can't come up here so pan the Waltham," TC said. "It wicked fi all the traffic from Portmore, Spanish Town, Boulevard come bank up one place. Wah go happen when we boss tired fi hear say we stuck inna traffic? We a go lose we likkle work. The Government affi do something bout dis."

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