'Missing' woman claims she met in an accident - Says she was without a phone for months

October 19, 2018
Ashley 'Sparkle' Berry

For four months Joy Brown* searched high and low for her missing daughter, Ashley 'Sparkle' Berry. When the woman visited THE STAR in September, she was a woman in despair broken. She was clueless as to where her 20-year-old child was. Brown poured her heart out in the article, begging for her daughter to return home.

Less than 24 hours after the article was published, Berry made contact with her mother.

"She call me the same night the story publish and she stay on di phone for an hour with me. The next day, she call me and come home the Saturday. Honestly, me feel a piece a joy and happiness weh mi never find for this long time. Mi just have to give God thanks say she OK. Thank you, STAR, for helping out," she said.

Before that phone call, the last time that Brown spoke to her daughter was on May 3. Then when calls to her phone went unanswered, she quickly reported the matter to the Bridgeport Police Station in Portmore, St Catherine. She also took matters into her own hands and began her own search for Berry.




Now that she has been reunited with her daughter, Brown says a huge burden has been lifted, and she is overjoyed that her daughter is home.

"She told me she go out on a beach trip and the bus meet in an accident and the bus tun over. Her hands have on some scar and cuts on it. She say her phone mash up in the ordeal. She say she did deh with her friends. Me ask her why she put me through all a dis, and she say me must let bygones be bygones because she is here now so we fi just let it pass," she added.

When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to Berry, she admitted that she caused her mother to suffer from a high level of stress. However, she simply brushed that matter aside with her explanation.

"She told me about the pain she endured, but remember I didn't really have a phone. And by the time me get to reach out to her, everything had already gone viral and dis dat, blah blah blah. She don't see me in four months, but me sure me call her in August, so a just one month she never hear from me. That's the only problem," Berry said.

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