Alleged gangster survives shoot-out - Prekeh still on the run from cops

November 13, 2018
FILE Police on patrol in Glendevon, St James

Alleged gangster Delano 'Prekeh' Wilmot survived yet another shoot-out with the police yesterday, leaving residents of Cambridge in St James in even greater fear.

However, while Wilmot escaped the blazing early morning gunfight, one of his alleged cronies, Richard 'Cruz' Anderson, was shot and killed and an M16 assault rifle seized from him.

The elusive Wilmot became a prime target for the security forces after he allegedly spearheaded an ambush on a police/military patrol in a section of Cambridge, during which two soldiers were shot and injured.

However the police are expressing confidence that he will be caught soon.

"It is just a matter of time," a police officer told the WESTERN STAR yesterday. "Old people always seh when plantain waa ripe, it shoot."

Following yesterday's incident, Wilmot reportedly fled into bushes in an area called 'Brown Land'.

He was pursued by helicopters and military personnel on the ground but disappeared in bushes. A camp believed to be his base was found and destroyed.

Wilmot has been on the police's most wanted list for more than a year.

Among the western gangsters who have worn the most wanted tag, to have perished this year are:

- Nico "Bowza' Samuels - killed in a gunfight with a police/military team in Rose Hall, St James, April 2018.

- Dwight 'Pop it Off' Carthy - killed in a clash with the police in Westmoreland, in April 2018.

- Donavan 'Tim' Roache - killed in a shoot-out with the police, in Westmoreland, in August 2018.

- Donrick 'Talaba' Campbell killed in a shoot-out with the St James Police, in September 2018.

- Adrian 'Lippy' Walker - killed in a shoot-out with the police, in Trelawny, in October 2018.

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