Billy to the rescue - Clarendon custos lends helping hand to super stepfather

May 22, 2019
Custos of Clarendon William ‘Billy’ Shagoury.

Delroy Lennon was at his wits’ end last Tuesday as he pondered how he would send his four stepchildren to school. But when he received a phone call from the custos of Clarendon, William ‘Billy’ Shagoury, the dark clouds rolled away.

The custos stocked Lennon’s shop with more than $100,000 worth of goods.

Lennon, who lives in the tough community of Effortville in the parish, quit his job in order to spend time with the children after his wife died in 2016. His only source of income came from a small shop that was erected at the front of his yard.

“When the children mother died, I knew I had to be a man and just play the role of mother and fada. Mi nuh leave them go anywhere. I used to work as a tractor driver, but I had to leave the work so I can be there for the children,” he said.

“I tried with the shop, but sometimes I just couldn’t afford to buy the items. Sometimes is all $3,000 me use to buy things put it there and it really didn’t do much, but I just had to try,” he added.

Lennon told CENTRAL STAR that four days after he buried his wife, he and one of his stepsons were shot as they stood in their doorway. Lennon said the doctors were uncertain if his stepson would walk again, but after a few months, he was playing football.

“Every time when mi think ’bout how a stray bullet could take our lives, mi blood run cold. Mi would dead leave all a mi kids who a depend on mi for survival,” Lennon said.

Meanwhile, Shagoury said he collaborated with Otis James of the Friends Education Programme to help Lennon and his family. He said that he was extremely impressed with Lennon’s dedication to his stepchildren.

“Usually, you would find some men not taking care of their own children, but Mr Lennon took care of his four stepchildren. He never gave up hope, even after gunmen shot him and one of the boys. When Otis James came to me, I had to help him because he is doing such a good thing. He is such a responsible parent; we ensure that his shop was well stocked,” he said.

For his part, Lennon is thankful for the assistance he has received.

“I can’t tell all of those who help thanks enough. I pray their food basket never empty,” he said.

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