Artiste launches freaky business

September 12, 2019
Darien Brown
Dolli Difference

‘Jamaicans are freaky!’ This was one of the main factors taken into consideration when Darien Brown and Shana Hunter decided to officially launch their adult website called FreakyJaOnline, three months ago.

Hunter, an up-and-coming artiste who uses the name Dolli Difference, claims that more than 2,500 members are currently letting their freak flag fly high at FreakyJaOnline.

“Believe it or not, Jamaicans can be super freaky. Men love to receive oral pleasures from women and you have a lot of men who also like to give it. It is important for persons to be themselves and everyone on the site knows what each other is about, so there’s no room for anyone to be labelling anyone as ‘bowcats’,” Hunter told THE STAR.

In addition to being able to express their sexual desires and share their experiences, Dolli Difference says some members are also using the site as a means of finding relationships.

“We have couples who are looking for another person to join them in their bedrooms. We also have bisexual females, as well as those persons who want to unleash their inner freaks. We also keep a ‘link up’ each month where members can meet and greet and have a drink together and really just have a good time,” she said.

Scrolling on the adult website is definitely not for the faint of heart, as one will be greeted with high resolution pictures of erect penises and other sexually explicit posts. Still, the entertainer says there are great advantages in joining the website.

“Everyone can show off their freaky side without being judged. It is like the adult version of Facebook, the only difference is that you will not be chastised or restricted for posting a naked picture. You can send friend requests and personal messages or just simply make a post. It is a safe zone for freaky persons like myself. Everyone is given a username, or you can choose a username for yourself. There are some members, however, who choose to use their real names, etc.”

Dolli Difference told THE STAR that she is no stranger to the wonderful world of kink and has even expressed her desires on tracks. “I have been promoting freakiness in my music for a while now. I even highlighted it in my song called Remedy, where I proudly say that I am a freak. I am a freak and I accept that about myself,” she said.

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