Man insists on getting rid of daughter-in-law - Doesn’t deny using obeah to chase her out of home

November 15, 2019

Kenneth Parchment, the 56-year-old man whose daughter-in-law had accused him of dabbling in witchcraft, says he will neither confirm nor deny the claims.

Instead, he has warned that he will do anything in his power to get her out of his house.

Last month, THE STAR carried the story of Vanessa Hill, 25, who claimed that her father-in-law had been using witchcraft on her.

Hill detailed two instances in which she caught the elderly man in suspicious positions - taking undergarments from her drawer and chanting over her body while he thought she was asleep.

"Mi not denying a single ting! But shi fi know seh this story nah end wid har in a my house. Shi haffi leave ...! Jus' wait! I not fixing my mouth to say a single ting! Dat lillie gal, shi nuh si obeah yet ... . Lef she fi lef me yard and go find har parents!" he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He added, however, that he does not hate her; he's just disappointed in her and his son.

"I don't hate that girl; mi hate seh dem bring a child in a mi house like dem can tek care a pickney. Dem a pickney demself. Dem sloppy and loud ... . A nuh suh parenting go ..., but when yuh talk, yuh a wickid! Wen mi talk, mi hate har," he said.

To add fuel to the fire, his son, Rashawn Parchment, says he is siding with his babymother on this one. He believes her claims about his father.

"I wouldn't put it pass him, enuh, honestly. Nuff people in a mi family always a tell mi seh mi fada can't be trusted," he explained.

"Me believe har because why shi would a jus' get up and seh mi fada a obeah har? Plus, enuh, my fada neva want har here in a di firs' place. But a because a di baby and mi wah deh round my daughter. Di man all a tell me say my daughter is a setback. How yuh must a tell yuh son dat?" he said.

The 24-year-old told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is now looking to leave his father's house and find a place of his own.

"Is a matter of time, still. Mi soon get mi own place, if a even fi gwan juggle and pay some rent. Me do welding, and me have a shop and ting, so me a save up some funds fi sort out a place. Di original plan was never fi a live wid mi fada up to now, but tings happen, and yuh jus haffi do weh yuh haffi do," he said.

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