Woman stops having intercourse after it made her depressed

December 03, 2019

In October, Ethel told THE STAR that she suffered from 'post-sex sadness', and no matter what she tried, whether oral sex or toys, she was always left depressed.

Today, she says she feels as though she has a new lease on life, as she is 'refreshed, energised and free'.

"Trust me, I feel like a brand new person. I was so depressed and it was affecting my entire life ... every aspect. The best thing I ever did was sharing my story with THE STAR. I have seen so many comments online. Some were just hateful and stupid, but some of the comments are what really helped me to put my life in order," she said happily.

Ethel says she has been 'sex sober' since October.

"There was one comment I saw, and the person was like, 'You nuh need to have sex again, just live', and I really took that into consideration. Since then, I have been sex sober. Me nuh have sex fi almost two months now ... trust me, that's new for me."

With a brand new outlook, she is confident that sex is not the answer.

"One time, me force me self fi have sex too often and me see it now. I felt like sex was a must. Me feel like me did affi do it. I am just enjoying my time pon God Earth right now. Sex a nuh the answer ... me just want peace inna me heart," she said.

She has also reconnected with her ex-husband after their four-year marriage had ended on her terms.

"We always remained in contact. But now, we talking again ... no sex as me seh, and he agreed. Again, real man dat! Him a help me fi work through this and me appreciate that," she explained.

Back in October, Ethel also said she had thought about going to church, but was a bit hesitant. But she told THE STAR that she has been going regularly since November.

"Me caa lie, I miss some days (of church). Some days a just laziness, some days me really tired. But at the end of the day, me a go much more than me used to. Me did need God inna me life. Me always know that, me just neva act pon it," she said.

"Me nuh baptise ... me nuh feel like me reach deh suh yet. Me still have nuff things fi change. But a something weh me a think bout. Fi di first time inna me life, me feel like everything all right."

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