Cop’s family outraged at fundraising campaign

June 19, 2020
Dane Biggs (left) and Decardo Hylton.
Dane Biggs (left) and Decardo Hylton.


The family of Decardo Hylton, one of the two policemen murdered by cowards in Spanish Town, St Catherine, last Friday, is outraged by the creation of a GoFundMe account, which is being used to raise money for family members of the deceased men.

Corporal Dane Biggs and Constable Decardo Hylton were shot and killed, while two other cops were injured and remain in hospital. They were part of a police team that went to Horizon Park in Spanish Town on an operation.

Several Jamaican organisations in the United States launch the fundraiser on Tuesday seeking to raise US$50,000 (approximately J$7-million). As at Thursday night the appeal had pulled in US$746 (approximately J$105,000)

Carlton Hamilton, a relative of Hylton, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the family did not give permission for a GoFundMe campaign to be launched using the slain cop's name.

"I'm speaking on behalf of Janet Hamilton and Churchill Hamilton ... That's the mother and the stepfather of Decardo Hylton. The family has nothing to do with that. It is embarrassing. It has stressed the mother out. She has not slept well last night. She take it hard. I'm the one that is there with them from Friday," he said.

Information of the Gofundme page states "the Brave policemen & their families need our support at this time. Let us show them that the Diaspora Cares! All funds collected will be presented to the families at a date no later than 30 days after the close of collection."

"None contacted us. None contacted the family. Lies!" Hamilton replied.

Already grieving their loss, Hamilton says the family feels further hurt when they see certain comments being made online about the Gofundme.

"People keep on leaving negative comments and calling the family. The family knows nothing about it and it needs to be removed," he said.

"My family is tracking it down from New York because in order to comment on that Gofundme, you have to register and make a donation. We only found out about it yesterday when we saw it. People calling and the family keep sending it all over and asking what is going on."

It is unclear whether the family of Dane Biggs was consulted about the campaign as THE WEEKEND STAR was unable to contact his relatives.

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