Trench Town in turmoil - Two killed on weekend

June 29, 2020
Police patrol the streets of Trench Town yesterday.
ShannaKay Ebanks, one of three persons murdered in Trench Town on the weekend.

Following the shooting and killing of two residents between Saturday night and Sunday morning in Trench Town, residents have expressed outrage at the growing crime and violence in the community, and the lack of proper intervention from the police.

The deceased are Shannakay Ebanks, 28 and another female by the name ‘Dimples,’ all of Trench Town addresses. According to the police, Dimples was killed by gunmen some time around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. Shortly after, Ebanks and her boyfriend, were shot in their home on Fourth Street, about 2:30 Sunday morning. Ebanks died while her  boyfriend has been admitted to hospital. 

No proper policing

One resident, who has lived in Trench Town all her life, told THE STAR that no proper policing is being carried out in the community.

“ZOSO nuh serve nuh purpose! Me caa wait fi di 25th of July fi dem liff up. Dem nuh serve nuh purpose. Three killings gwane same place and police nuh do nothing. All when people complain and give dem information, dem nah do nothing,” the woman said angrily.

Her reference to July 25 is in relation to the date on which the state of emergency now in the area is scheduled to end.

Another irate resident says the security checkpoint in the community is pointless, as violence in the community continues to peak.

“The first girl dead right here so afta 10, and the second girl dead down the road hours later. All a dis gwane when a police checkpoint deh right dung the road. All the police do a come look … dem come bout 30 minutes after people dead come put up yellow tape and come frustrate regular citizens.”

The lady says innocent residents are always left to face the wrath of the police after shootings in the community.

“When man kill a man or a woman, dem nah run go inna house. Dem gone bout dem business. So when you a come kick off people door and a search, weh yuh expect fi find. People up inna dem feelings already, so all yuh a go do a mek we get aggressive. Dem search yuh house and pull up yuh place and lef yuh fi fix it up. Dat nuh fair!”

Meanwhile, a male resident says the crime in Trench Town is sickening.

“A regular things fi shot fire in here. War still a gwane… ZOSO or not! Last Saturday, man kill one man round a one next street and this Saturday somebody dead again. People house a get bruck and people a lose them furniture,” he said.

“Dah war yah nuh start yesterday and it nuh start today. Police just drive round inna circle when people dead and act like dem a work.”

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