Sandy, please come home - Mom pleads for child’s return

November 20, 2020
Sandy Thompson
Sandy Thompson

It has almost been six months since Debbie-Ann Miller saw her 15-year-old daughter, Sandy Thompson. The teenage girl, according to her mother, ran away from home in May because her phone was confiscated.

"She run away from in May, and me report it to the Hunts Bay police. A first in her life she run away, but because she want to follow friend and have her own way she gone," Miller, 35, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Thompson, who will turn 16 this weekend, was last seen at party in downtown Kingston with a group of girls in May.

"Me friend tell me say she see her a party in short shorts and tight blouse with five other girls on Regent Street, downtown, and from that me a try track her," Miller said. "Me try so much to find her and nothing, right now me nah hear nuttin, so right now me don't know where to go look and me stress out."

Miller is begging her to come home.

"Sunday a come is her birthday and I would want to have her here with me, but that not gonna happen because it don't look like she have no intention to come home," Thompson said.

Still praying

"Me sit down and pray and ask God to bring her home because don't matter how she bad, is my belly pain. Sometimes me ignorant, but I still want to know that she is fine because no matter what, she is my child and me have to try and find her."

Miller said that she has not been in the best of health since her daughter left home.

"It a stress me bad! Most days me sit down and a cry like a baby, a just my friends have to keep me up. All me blood pressure sky high because a months now she gone," said Miller.

"Me only can ask God to keep her right now because right now a bare evil a go on in the world and she out there. I don't know where she sleep, if she a eat or nothing like that."

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Sandy Thompson is being asked to contact the Hunts Bay police at 876-923-7111, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

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