Prayers answered - 5-y-o to get hearing aids for Christmas

December 02, 2020
Five-year-old Jaydi-Ann Chambers.
Five-year-old Jaydi-Ann Chambers.

Only a day after Tara Chambers made a wish for her daughter Jaydi-Ann to get hearing aids for Christmas, a 'local Santa' reached out.

The story, which was published in THE STAR on November 26, caught the attention of Canopy Insurance Limited, which has opted to bless young Jaydi-Ann with the J$350,000 accessories.

"I'm very happy and excited that someone saw my daughter's need and decided to help in such a short space too," Chambers told THE STAR.

Since being diagnosed earlier this year, Chambers has been working assiduously to purchase the aids to help her daughter lead a normal life.

Sean Scott, managing director at Canopy, said the team was compelled to make a mark at this the most vulnerable time of Jaydi-Ann's life.

"At five years old, Jaydi-Ann is at her most formative years and being hearing impaired, coupled with the many setbacks in learning caused by COVID-19, we knew that if we did not help her she would be at a great disadvantage in years to come," said Scott. "When Jaydi-Ann's story was brought to our attention, we knew that we had to immediately step in, it is the least we could do at Christmas. "She (Chambers) was extremely surprised and extremely thankful when we reached out. We had to almost convince her that it was not a joke."

Jaydi-Ann is scheduled to receive her hearing aids before year-end. She did her assessment at the Caribbean Hearing Centre yesterday.

"I'm happy that the process has started and she is a step closer to getting her hearing aids, everything is greatly appreciated," Chambers said. She also revealed that Jaydi-Ann is aware that she will be receiving a precious gift for the holidays. "The doctor lady tried to explain to her and showed her that she will be getting something for her ears, so I think she has an understanding of what is happening."

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