Doc says plastic surgeries remain safe

November 11, 2022
A doctor drawing marks on a female breast before cosmetic surgery.
A doctor drawing marks on a female breast before cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr Jan Hochtritt has singled out untrained doctors as the main reason for persons who undergo cosmetic surgery suffering adverse effects.

Hochtritt, responding to queries from THE WEEKEND STAR, said it is important that persons select a qualified surgeon for their procedure. His comments come at a time when there is renewed focus on the risk that cosmetic surgeries pose to patients.

"I don't think that people should be afraid of doing these types of cosmetic surgeries because if you have someone who is trained to do that, then it's a safe thing," said Hochtritt, who operates Prosurgicare Services Limited in Kingston.

"Persons should go to someone who has proper training and is a board-certified plastic surgeon. It's a matter of experience and training," he said.

The risks associated with cosmetic surgeries have been on the lips of many since last week when news emerged that dancehall artiste Spice was hospitalised in the Dominican Republic, a country that is well known for its booming plastic surgery trade. The entertainer has since spoken about her medical condition, but did not say whether she was in the Caribbean country for a cosmetic procedure.

"I suffered a damage hernia a few days ago that sent my body into sepsis, as a result I was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery," she said in an Instagram post.

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