BT too good for Maxfield

January 20, 2016

Michael Blygen's hat-trick rescued Boys' Town from late embarrassment in their KSAFA-Jackie Bell KO match at the Collie Smith Complex yesterday.

The home team surrendered a two-goal lead to Major League outfit Maxfield Park before two late goals from the former Tivoli Gardens striker saw the home team to a 4-2 win.

Blygen spent the second half of last season in the Dominican Republic but missed most of that campaign through injury. He has been on the Boys' Town bench for much of this season and he hopes that yesterday's hat-trick will ensure more playing time.

"So far in the Premier League, things have been very disappointing. I hope this will be a stepping stone for me to get more playing time and deliver for my team and try to help them make the top four," he said.

Coach Andrew Price is also hoping this could be a turning point in the season for his striker.

"I hope that this will be a catalyst for him (Blygen) to assist us in the third round. Boys' Town always play better football in the third round, and we are preparing ourselves assiduously to really make a good run and see where it leads us," he declared.

Tuesday's Results

Barbican 1 UWI 0

Waterhouse 2 Maverley-Hughenden 1

Boys' Town 4 Maxfield 2

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3 p.m.: August Town vs Bull Bay - Mona Bowl

3 p.m.: Olympic Gardens vs Real Mona - Cling Cling Oval

3 p.m.: Rockfort vs Cavalier - Rockfort

3 p.m.: Cooreville Gardens FC vs Arnett Gardens FC

7 p.m.: Harbour View vs Tivoli Gardens - Harbour View Mini Stadium

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