Coach wants one-week camp ahead of Copa 2016

February 24, 2016

National football team coach, Winfred Schaefer, says the Reggae Boyz aim to excel and make the country proud at this summer's Copa America Centenario football tournament, to be held in the United States.

The Reggae Boyz were placed in Group C alongside Uruguay, Mexico and Venezuela at the competition's draw in New York on Sunday and Schafer argues that with the best players and the right support from the football federation the team can be successful.

"Before the (2015) Copa America remember what I said. I told you I want to win. I do not go to the Copa America and Gold Cup for joke. The players have to know we can win and not only the players, the Jamaica Football Federation too. They (JFF) have to be perfect (with preparation and accommodation) for the first match in Chicago and the other two group matches," he said.

different leagues

"We need service for the players ... and at the end of our matches ... we need success. We need our players, the best players and I hope all our players come in very good (health)," the German-born coach added.

He said hosting at least a one-week camp will be important for the players from the different leagues to be on the same page.

"We need one week for tactical training - to work on corners, free-kicks. It was the same for the (2015) Copa America, players knew what they had to do."

At the last two tournaments squabbles over money threatened to derail the team's efforts and the coach is hoping the federation and players work out all financial arrangements well in advance.

"There are two parts, one is the team, the other is the JFF. It is normal for the players coming from clubs to want the best (pay) package. In Germany, Britain, Mexico it's all the same. So before we go to the tournament, five, six weeks before, we are clear. One day before the match I don't accept this."

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