Montague: Few problems on opening day

March 16, 2016
File Montague

Chairman of the organising committee for the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championships, Colleen Montague, says she was pleased with the execution of the first day of the five-day championships, currently taking place inside the National Stadium.

Montague admitted some disappointment that spectators continue to shun the opening day of the championships despite the free admittance but believes there are some positive signs, as she looks forward to another successful staging of the event.

"Things are going very well, everyone has carried out their part, it was an amazing effort on everyone's part to ensure that everything was in place for today (yesterday)," Montague told STAR Sports. "We had some very minor hiccups but we are pleased with where we are."

The Wolmer's Girls' School principal is disappointed that the demand for grandstand tickets could not be met but reminded fans that there will be an opportunity to watch the event on big screen outside the National Stadium's main gate on Saturday.

"We are very unhappy that we are unable to satisfy the demands of so many persons who want to be here with us," Montague said. "We will be having a screen outside for persons who come and aren't able to get inside, they will be able to view it and experience it there."

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