Respect Us! ... Powell threatens boycott of RSPL final

April 28, 2016
@Normal:Orville Powell

Montego Bay United chairman, Orville Powell, says his club's decision not to take the field this Sunday for the 4 p.m. start of Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) final against Portmore United at the Catherine Hall Complex is in protest of how the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) and Professional Footballers Association of Jamaica (PFAJ) handle the League's affairs.

He wants the league's governing body to show more respect to the clubs in their decision making.

Powell says his proposed action is not 'extreme' and he is willing to accept any consequence for the decision.

However, he maintains that the situation can be resolved amicably if the PLCA invites them to the discussion table, as the main reason for their discontent is the fact that they were left out of the meeting with all stakeholders to reset the time and venue of the final.

not right

"People are considering it (decision) to be extreme and bringing the game into disrepute. It got extreme because (MoBay were left out) of the discussion. The way the PFAJ handled the situation is not right, so I am protesting the way the PFAJ does things. I have been facing this for two seasons now; last year, I said we weren't going to play a game because of certain things and it has come back.

"Why is it the week before a final we are discussing who it benefits and who it does not? That is not the proper way to do business, and that is what I am protesting, and if we don't protest we will continue to have these situations plague us," he told The Gleaner.

"I am not saying that we are not going to play. I am willing to play, but I am protesting the four 'o'clock start. We will not turn up for a four 'o clock game and I will protest until they fine me or ban me. All the consequences, I am ready to face as all they can do is ban me and there is nothing in the book to say I can get banned, so I am willing to face it all.

"But it's never too late for discussion and all I am simply saying is discussions are needed to make things happen and right up until now they haven't had us around any (discussion) table. I hear them call an emergency meeting, but we are still not in the meeting, so are we still not a stakeholder," he reasoned.

Meanwhile, the PLCA Board had an emergency meeting yesterday and issued a release afterwards, which read, in part: "Coming out of the meeting a letter outlining the repercussions of the expressed intention by the Montego Bay United FC were clearly communicated."

When contacted by The Gleaner, PLCA general manager, Andrew Price, reiterated that Powell is aware of the consequences and encouraged him to honour the fixture and make football the winner on Sunday.

"Mr Powell knows the rules ... I hope they turn up and we can enjoy a good game of football on Sunday," he commented.

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